Our Story

EggZack was founded and run by people who are passionate about using technology to build stronger local communities by making the backbone of the community, local businesses, stronger.

After pioneering online marketing in 1989, the web agency model in 1995 and then spending over a decade providing 800+ companies with effective web presences, our CEO and Founder, Jon Zack, realized that online marketing was about to undergo a significant change, and that the local business owner/operators had the most to gain. The trouble was, they lacked the time and resources necessary to take advantage of it.

The big change (and an ironic one), that we saw was that consumers did not trust or want advertising. Yet the early days of the web laid the groundwork that made advertising the standout method in which to gain new customers. Even with social media and mobile, advertising is still the big push. We disagree.

Consumers are seeking reliable information to make their lives better, easier and more fun. 2/3 of the information they seek is local, within 25 miles of where they work and live is still where consumers spend 80% of their time and money.

The challenge faced by the local business owner/operator is the sheer multitude of communication and marketing outlets that they need to use to get their information to the people who want it. In the past, there were only a handful of key newspapers, radio stations and publications for any given region.

Now, there are literally hundreds of potential outlets for each local market, with new social, mobile and online outlets popping up daily. Of course, each one is touted as the next relevant one and “the important place to be” so how exactly does the local business owner/operator know WHAT places really matter? They can’t. Only their customers can make this decision and they are changing their minds regularly.

So how can the local business owner/operator succeed. It’s actually pretty simple: The main goal it to get their information to as many relevant outlets as possible, so that the business can be found when people set out to learn and discover they are looking for!

This is EggZackly (this is where the name came from) what we do for local businesses, get their information in front of the people who are looking for it, where ever they are, so the conversation can begin.