Never Fear: The EggZack Help Ticket System is Here!

Have a problem with the EggZack system that needs attention? Forget how to use a key component of the site?

The EggZack ticketing system is here to help!

1. More help, faster!

Putting in a help ticket guarantees a 24-hour (business day) turnaround time. With the ticketing system, Team EggZack can zip your issue or question to the correct "batch of eggs" for help, technical support, client care, or accounts. Email gets lost, phone calls get pushed to the back burner, A phone call or email can take up to twice as long 48 hours (business days) while we create the ticket and then shuttle it to the correct person.

Tickets, the fastest way to get your problem solved!

2. Guaranteed results, with a history of action

At EggZack, we believe in client care. Tickets create a paper trail for your issue. Now only can EggZack make sure your question is routed to the correct place in a timely manner, you can see the actions as they happen with our "view tickets" option.

Log in to the EggZack Help Ticketing System in two easy ways:

-Log In to your EggZack account. In the upper, right hand corner (next to logout) is the "Help" button, which will open a ticket.

-Go to and click "support" along the top of the page and fill out a ticket.

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